Happy New-Year in Spring

Interestingly, nowadays most people would think that you were crazy if you said ‘Happy New Year’ in Spring. Yet really, it wasn’t that long ago, when much of humanity, in many cultures acknowledged spring as the start of the new-year.

It was really only fairly recently in our history, merely just about the last 2,000 years that the calendar and our rituals changed. If we looked previously at our ancestors, they planned their life rituals to coincide with the changes in the seasons. They routinely celebrated moon cycles, the solstices and equinoxes … they believed there was a direct relationship between the seasons, the stars, the elements and spirit.

Our ancestors clearly saw how the spring is a time of a new beginning … it’s a time of fertility, rebirth and revival … its when everything blooms again and life is full of new possibilities. Actually, even today, in this modern era a few aware souls still live by these natural events .

Yet, sadly most people in the so-called modern world barely notice the seasons, except maybe to mark the beginning of a different sport season, a school semester or the latest fashion release. Generally, we rarely think about the true significance of the seasons … most of us don’t grow our own food, as we opt for convenience, like buying summer fruit in the middle of winter, etc. Sadly, as a consequence, most people have lost their intimate connection with the earth and mother nature.

This spring I’m presenting a series of seminars. It’s called the ‘Living with the Seasons Series of Seminars’. With the first step,  it’s starting with a Self-Care ‘Esoteric’ acupressure. In this seminar you’ll lean how to handle stress, pain & fatigue. I’ll present for you some insights on to re-connect more to nature … the true essence of who you really are.

You see, different organs, organ meridians and acupressure points relate to different seasons. Now’s the time to learn this practical ‘hands-on’ technique. There’s a philosophy that says; the closer we are to nature, the easier it is to heal.

The  Self-care ‘Esoteric’ acupressure seminar can help to connect our mind and body, and re-connect us to the elements of nature. To book for the free 2 hour upcoming seminar – please click here

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