… for a Better Life!

‘Awakening-Awareness’ … for a Better Life!

Learn for your-self the benefits of ‘Awakening Awareness’
… Learn how to gain a clearer perception … to assist with making better choices
… Learn how to tap into inner wisdom and guidance … to gain enhanced self-confidence
… Learn how to align yourself to a higher consciousness … for enhanced wisdom.

… Learn ‘How to Get What You Want’ … to enjoy greater outcomes in your life.
… Learn ‘How to BEAT Stress, Pain & Fatigue’ …  to gain greater zest for life!

… Learn How to Find, Ignite & BOOST Your MOJO … your unique niche in life!
… Learn ‘How to Live a Happier Life in the Modern World … to enhance the quality of your life!

NB. This course is not for those who wish to stay stuck, in your old beliefs.
If you enjoy whinging and whining, and holding on to your pain and suffering then this seminar is not for you … yet, if you are serious about making a difference for greater success in your life then this course is for you!

‘Awakening Awareness’ is presented as …
1  hour introductory seminar
1 day intensive seminar
4 week complimentary online course
32 wk full comprehensive course

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